About Us

The term Education encompasses a whole gamut of experimental learning, which, in a school, is given through teachers in the classrooms and often more importantly outside.

There are three important functions among all others of the educational process in the classroom apart from mear learning.

  • 1.To Develop problem-solving abilities.
  • 2.To Develop Creative abilities..
  • 3.To Develop Curiosity and Inquisitive spirit.
    • I wish & pray that VIPS system of teaching community of encourage development of these qualities.
    • VIPS also believes in :
    • →Education is a shared responsibility in a school community of board,     administration, faculty, students and parents.
    • →A safe and secure environment that is marked by respect for the rights of     others and acceptance of personal responsibility are conducive to effective     learning..
    • →Education must encompass the development of the whole individual:      academically aesthetically creatively socially physically, emotionally and     spiritually.
    • →Education is most effective when the learner is actively engaged in the     learning process .
    • →The establishment of realistic, yet challenging expectations and the     learner`s responsibility for their achievements promotes excellence.
    • →The school experience should promote positive interpersonal relationship,     where students can work together, become caring and sharing individuals,     with concern and feelings for others.
    • →Education should encourage responsible citizenship and Global awareness.
    • →Education should encourage in students a desire for life-long learning.
    •     We look forward to help all VIPS puplis to achieve in an ever challenging     world.
Sanjay Mor
Secretary - VIPS