About Us

Welcome to 3rd Glorious Year "Vision International Public School" welcome all young minds and their parents after second glorious year of our school as 2015, to be a part of 3rd year of "Mission Internationalization of School Education."

Your continue active participation will only turn our dream into reality. I am confident that soon it will be a "Dream come true" reality in the VIPS campus.

Our location, Facilities, Teachers, Programs and philosophy were all chosen to provide the students, the greatest possible opportunity to achirve their goals. Our spacious and modern facilities are providing our students a pleasant study atmosphere

I again assure all of you, that "Pupil`s need" will be our first and foremost priority always and forever

I humbly appeal and encourage you all to join us again for "Togetherness" and "Strive High" to achieve excellence in child education.

Dear Parent,

We also appreciate your encouraging response and support to move us ahead

Anil Kathal
Chairman - VIPS