About Us

Dear Parents, Having experience of more than 26 years of teaching and school administration I can tell you that 2nd year of "Vision International" will be a different kind of educational experience.

The "Vision International System"is bound to give your child the best of all thing so proportionately, that you invent in him a "Complete International" human in reality.

Together we will make "Vision International Campus" a very special place with an Excellent Academic Curriculum, values of individuality & creativity, spirit of responsibility & Service with Active commitment for all good causes.

The student`s Diary is an important communication link between the Parents and the Teachers. The parents come to known about the day to day progress and performance of their children, through the different interactions and comments of the teachers. It helps to develop a harmonious relationship and close bonding between the teachers and parents, the child being the central subject for both the sides.

If the parents go through the handbook regularly they come to know the different aspect of the children`s behavior in the class-room and in the other activities of the school campus. The teachers will highly appreciate, the parent`s immediate response to see the concerned teacher on the Parent`s & Teacher`s Meet. I would like to respect parents to strengthen this relationship between home and school through this diary.

"Vision International" is a new idea with the concept of healthy learning in all aspect of life. Your co-operation is solicited to make the implementation process as a unique one. Regards,

Shahnaz Jamal
Principle - VIPS